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                                 FREE CREDIT APPLICATION ANALYSIS (limitations apply)



Goldman, Evans & Trammell is your full-service agency. While we provide receivable management services such as 3rd Party Collections on an contingency basis and 1st Party Outsourcing, as well as in-depth credit reports on a per item charge basis, we also offer valuable free services such as our no-cost Credit Application Analysis and our free preliminary Quick-Credit Rating service (limitations apply).

Quick-Credit Rating Service

When performing the Quick-Credit Rating service, we search public records on companies you may be considering extending credit to, at no cost to you. We will search for judgments and UCC filings, providing secured creditor names and expiration dates. We will search for verification of ownership, number of employees, sales volume, location and affiliated companies.

While this is not a full-blown credit report (such reports, including in depth asset and liability searches are available – please contact us for details and pricing), this free service offers invaluable information on the subject company and comes with a unique ‘credit rating score’ along with a recommended credit extension limit.

As an overview, the Quick-Crediting Rating Service will provide to you, when available:

             A Unique ‘Credit Rating’ Score including:   

                   1.  Recommended Credit Limit

                   2.  Judgments & UCC Filings

                   3.  At No Cost to You (limitations apply)

Due to nature of this public record search, not all companies will have information available and some searches will not produce results. GET expressly disclaims all liabilities, warrantees or guarantees associated with this service. Credit decisions should be bases on your own policies and not solely on information provided through this service. Changes to companies occur regularly, and while GET believes the information provided to be accurate and true, there is no guarantee to its accuracy or timeliness.

Credit Application Analysis

At no charge to our clients, we will provide an in-depth analsyis of their current Credit Application, offering recommendations that will enhance the collectability of their receivables and protect their rights in the even of litigation. This invaluable evaluation is available at no charge. Limitations apply.